Why should I sign up for Audrey?

According to our users, the best part of using a dating app is liking new people. But that can be followed by time-consuming, repetitive introductory conversations: asking “How’s your week going?” or answering “My weekend has been fun, how about yours?” over and over again. We know this can be tedious, if not fruitless. Conversations die off randomly and without explanation. Going on dates is fun, but getting from liking someone on an app to actually meeting them for drinks can be exhausting.

Imagine a dating experience where you simply log into Hinge, select who you like, and then go on dates with those people.

So, give Audrey your availability, select who you like, and go out with them! Ditch the digital pen-pals. Go on dates. It’s that simple.


I’ve signed up - now what?

  1. You'll be matched with Audrey in-app. She'll ask you for 3 times you might have available for a date in the next 7-10 days. If your schedule changes, you can always text Audrey in-app to let her know!

  2. Just go through your discovery feed as you normally would. There's no need to leave comments for people you're interested in. You can just tap a heart on their Story.

  3. Audrey will reach out to people you're interested in and tell them about why the two of you would be a good fit  

  4. If that interest is reciprocated, Audrey will coordinate with that person to set up a date based on your availability.

  5. Audrey will confirm the date with you.

  6. Once the date is set, Audrey will connect you two (in case you need to contact one another before the date, or in case you want to chat!)


What happens if my plans change?

That’s ok! Schedules can be complicated. If your plans change after you’ve already scheduled a date, you can let your date know by messaging them in-app.


How does Audrey ‘introduce’ me to people I’m interested in?

Audrey will reach out to people that you’re interested in. She'll use a mix of your survey answers and Story details to intro you (kind of like a digital wing-woman.)

  • First, she’ll introduce herself as an intelligent personal assistant for select Hinge members

  • Then, she’ll give a brief description of you  and why you and your potential date would be a good match. She’ll also include a link to your full Story, so your potential dates can view your pictures and learn even more about you!

  • Finally, she’ll gauge the interest of your potential date. If your interest is reciprocated, Audrey will coordinate with them to schedule a date.


How many dates can I go on?

As many as you want! Audrey will ask you for 3 times that you’re available, but you can give her more if you feel like it. Audrey will reach out to people you’re interested in - if they return that interest, she’ll coordinate with them to schedule a first date. She’ll then confirm that date with you. If she has set you up on two dates in a week, and you feel that’s enough for you - you can just text her to pause her outreach, or ask her to schedule dates further in the future.


What else can Audrey do for me?

Audrey is here to assist you in every part of the dating process. Interested to hear how your Story is being received by others? Date didn’t go well and you’re wondering why? Date went extremely well, and you’d like to hear what your strong suits are? Audrey can provide feedback along the way!